Business Banking for the Self-Employed

The only banking platform that allows you to get paid on your schedule.

The only bank platform serving the independent professional, the freelancer, and the small business founder.

Joust App has many features
Joust Debit Card

All-in-One Business Bank

FDIC-insured business bank account with savings Goals, Bill Pay, and a Visa debit card.

Grow your account

Financing Founders

Have more money in the bank and enjoy zero processing fees.*

*Eligible for Founder Members

Protect your invoices

Invoice Payment Protection

PayArmour™ allows you to instantly fund individual invoices as you send them.

Businesses in all 50 States Trust Joust

Many freelancers struggle with basic things like getting paid for the work that they do...[Joust] offers freelancers special access to banking and payment protection services that will empower [them] to continue to do the work they love.

Freelancers Union

It’s refreshing to work with a platform that doesn’t just set the rules and expects everyone to play along… [Joust] is already an essential tool that keeps my finances in line and puts more money in my pocket. I love the seamless UX and UI that the app offers, the features that it already provides, and most of all, the customer service is beyond stellar.

Chase Maser,Joust Member

Their customer service made me personally satisfied in knowing that my business will be in good hands during this exciting time. Thank you!

Brandi Carter,Joust Member

Joust is designed as the one app that lets SME business owners focus on doing what they do best, not worrying over unpaid invoices, chargebacks, or rejected client cards.

Churchill Leonard,Joust Member

We share their belief that freelancers and entrepreneurs will drive the future economy and with [Joust] you can now turn your focus into your business passions.

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Switch to Easy and Safe Banking

  • Your account is FDIC-insured up to $250K
  • All of your sensitive data is secured by 256-bit encryption
  • We fully comply with federal banking regulations
  • We continually monitor unusual and suspicious activity

Faster Invoices. Faster Payment.

Customize your invoices, track their status, and send invoice reminders.

Joust customers get paid in less than 5 days compared to the industry standard of 51 days. PayArmour™-qualified members receive same-day payment.


Business Banking in Your Wallet

Get instant access to your Joust account funds with a business Visa debit card.

What’s even better? You can manage it completely in-app with card lock/unlock, easy activation, and PIN management.

Money Made, Money Paid

Mainstream banks weren’t designed with self-employed workers in mind. Our platform combines an FDIC-insured bank account with a merchant account so you can accept all forms of payment directly into your account.

Manage your income, put money aside in savings Goals, and stay up-to-date on all your bills with Bill Pay.

PayArmour™ Invoice Protection

For self-employed workers, client late- and non-payment is a major issue.

Process your invoice payments through PayArmour™ and get paid on your schedule rather than your client’s schedule.

*Subject to review and approval

Invoice Like a Boss

You work hard for your money, so why should you also work hard to get it? We are here to provide all your self-employed banking needs in the palm of your hand.

Customize invoices and track your sent invoice status entirely in our app. Tired of chasing invoices from clients? We’ve got you covered with our handy invoice reminders.

Coming Soon:
Joust Direct

Streamline your payments and get paid directly with our peer-to-peer payment service. Send money, get money, and manage your finances all at the click of a button.

Joust App with button activated
All Your Business Banking Needs in One Button

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